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Leandro Minuchin

Lic, MA, MSc, PhD

"My research focuses on the politics of construction in Latin America, the production of architectural imaginations and new materialisms. I am interested in exploring the way constructive practices and techno-popular knowledges are entangled in the emergence of new expressions of urban activism. I lecture in architecture and global urbanism at the University of Manchester."

Aida Rodríguez Vega

BA (Hons.); MArch 

"Since graduating from my masters at the Manchester School of Architecture in 2014, I have worked on site in developing the SUYA prototype and am now working at a practice in London specialising in environmentally conscious architecture in sensitive locations. I have an ongoing interest in the future of architectural practice and the publics’ understanding of the built environment through narrative and images."

Eira Capelán

BSci; MArch (Hons.); PhD Candidate


"My work centres on architecture within informal settings, urban margins and methods of architectural co-production. I have participated in projects in Latin America and Europe, developing territorial planning schemes and affordable architectures. 

My PhD research focuses on local commemoration practices as popular forms of monumentality in  stigmatised territories."

Joseph Smith

BA (Hons.) MArch Student


"Following the privilege and freedom to speculate wildly about architecture within the undergraduate environment, I am enjoying the grounding offered by architectural practice. Working at my Part 1 placement and with Material Politics in tandem, I hope to develop a balanced and rigorous understanding of spatial processes in multiple contexts, along with a repertoire of skills that could be applied to them."

Konrad Koltun

BA (Hons.) MArch Student

Ellie Shouer

BA (Hons.); MArch (Hons.)


"I am interested in the production of space through the intimacy of the human scale, my work is focused on the exploration of relationships - both personal and political - of place and the human experience. I have worked on projects in Latin America and Cyprus and am currently based in Sheffield."

Patrick Cronin

BA (Hons.); MArch (Hons.)


"Since my undergraduate I have worked for an architecture practice, a planning consultancy and an NGO based in sub-Saharan Africa. Reflecting my professional experience, my interests lie at the junction of architecture, urban design, planning and development economics. 
Through Material Politics, I have had opportunities to explore architectural co-production, the subversion of hegemonic planning policy and infrastructural support of informal economic processes."

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