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Prefigurative architectures 2019 

In collaboration with Trees-not-cars

Crafting alternatives to a council-proposed car-park in Manchester. Exposing the abuse of planning exceptions and prefiguring the co-production of green infrastructures. 

Edible Garden in Ancoats

Tackling food security, the lack of accessible green spaces in Manchester. The project uses a strip of the car-park to prefigured an urban machine for food production, expanding the possibilities of the meaning of green spaces in the city

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 11.37.58.png

Mossballing in Manchester

Exploring the generative and active potential of green infrastructures, the group proposes disseminating moss panels across the city. Starting and situating the heart of the initiative in the car-park the intervention explores the economy of green urban transformation.

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 12.04.11.png


Access to urban planning information becomes a central feature of the right to the city. The project utilizes the conflict in Ancoats to prefigure information infrastructures that expose the regimes of exception that govern planning procedures in Manchester.

CHOUCAIR_prefigurative urbanism copy 2.j

The Housing crisis

The group exposed the impact of expulsive urban dynamics in Manchester and sought to address the problem of rough sleeping in the city. Utilizing the site as a starting point to multiply the assembly of modular and temporary housing solutions, the group rescued the canal heritage to prefigure other ways of imagining public infrastructures. 

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 12.06.30.png
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