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Host institutions

Faculty of Political Science (UNR)


British Council

University of Manchester

Project Leaders

Dra. Patricia Nari

Dr. Leandro Minuchin 

Researchers and Organisers

Julieta Maino

María Julia Bizzarri

Luciana Bertolaccini

María José Herrera Penisi

Alejandro Gelfuso

María Victoria Gómez Hernández

Academic advisers

Dr. Alfredo Stein

Prof. Diana Mitlin

Co-production and the city

Interveiw with Leandro Minuchin, Patricia Nari and Rocío Novello - Laboratorio Político, Radio Universidad
00:00 / 00:00

Radio Interview, aired 31-03-2018

Radio presenter: Javier Acuña

Radio Program: Laboratorio Político

Radio: Radio Universidad


Infrastructures as method

A three-stage participatory strategy. Urban collectives a) analyse their territory b) critically assess their repertoires and organisations and c) design an infrastructural intervention. 


Infrastructures are used as disruptive platforms, where alternative social and power relations are framed around the co-production of alternative spatial settings.  

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