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A construction material factory and cultural community space


Cofradía - youth circus collective

Al Borde Arquitectos

Atucucho Community Bank

Atucucho local government 











Main Materials 

Concrete cylinders

Micro concrete tiles

Eucalyptus timber

Reclaimed demolition materials


Atucucho, Quito, Ecuador 


Project Leader

Dr Leandro Minuchin



Al Borde Arquitectos

Aida Rodriguez-Vega

Patrick Cronin

Eira Capelán






  • the teaching and dissemination of new construction techniques within the community


  • engagement with the current process of physical upgrading in Atucucho through popular construction services


  • the development of local financial instruments to de-commodify the process of construction.  


The project seeks to amplify the social dimension of construction beyond the existing efforts of self-build, introducing instances of material production as a central facet in the chains of value linked with construction practices. 

Sustained by a cooperative network which connects local governments, social organisations, neighbourhood groups and architecture institutions of academic and professional natures, this project strives to develop a platform for popular construction services in Atucucho. In a context where the construction industry is becoming increasingly concentrated and support for assisted self-build are scarce, Atucucho's Cultural Factory conforms a concrete experiment on the democratisation of popular access to construction processes. 

The Factory's objectives are to conform a physical platform which allows for: 


  •  the redistribution and socialisation of benefits derived from the construction industry

Project actor description

Programmatic Area Analysis for material production

Programmatic Area Analysis for cultural activities

Material Library snapshot - networks for provision of reclaimed materials in Quito

Material Library snapshot: samples of two procured materials

Programmatic spatial allocations

Initial elevations 1:100

Construction of the Factory in stages

Preparing for the build: the voluntary community effort of construction

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